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Report on The Digital Art Weeks 2007
by Andrew J. Jones

Singapore: The Missing T in Creativity
by Stephen McElhinney

Awesome . . . I Shot That! (The Beastie Boys)
by Alex Munt

Vamos Ao Brazil/Let's Go Brazil (requires Flash Player)
by Noëlle Janaczewska

Kevin Chong's Wild Neil Chase: An Interview
by Willa McDonald

Contemporary Slumber
by Ann Finnegan

Book Review: Darren Tofts, Interzone: Media Arts in Australia (Craftsman House)
by John Potts

Book Review: At A Distance: Precursors to Art and Activism on the Internet, edited by Annmarie Chandler and Norie Neumark (2005, MIT Press).
by Graham Meikle

Digital Architecture?
by Alex Munt

The 30th Festival of Polish Feature Films
Gdynia, September 2005

by Renata Murawska

Symposium Report: Cruising Country: Automobility in Non-Urban Australia
by Catherine Simpson

Speaking of What Can Be Heard: Philip Brophy, 100 Modern Soundtracks, BFI Screen Guides. London, BFI Publishing, 2004 (a review)
by Darren Tofts

Transcendental Materialism: Stephen Mulqueen's Tiwai
by David Eggleton

Ripples in Time ? New Work From Chris Welsby
by Mike Leggett

Watching Hara
by Kathryn Millard

Culture is Difference: The Art of Fan Dongwang
by Rod Pattenden

Questions Concerning Art, Technology & War Unrelated to One Another. Dr Jürg Gutknecht interviewed by media artist Art Clay
by Art Clay

A Hacker Manifesto by McKenzie Wark (2004, Harvard University Press)
by Graham Meikle

Now and Then: 25 Years of Electronic Art.
Timeshift At Ars Electronica

by John Potts

George Gittoes: A Scavenger for Meaning
by Rod Pattenden

For Love or Money: The Future of the Australian Essay
by Peter Craven, Amanda Lohrey & Hilary Mantel

The Impossible Quiet: The Limitless Politics of Art
by Nick Mansfield

The Odour of a Rose: Media Arts at the Sydney Biennale
by Darren Tofts

On Reason and Emotions, Translation, Post-Colonialism and Other Difficulties
by Isabel Carlos

What Is Happening To Music?
by David Toop

Bestsellers and Backlists: Interview with Pete Ayrton, Serpent's Tail
by Noel King

Tampa: Performance/Sculpture/Photography/Web
by Mireille Astore

Lightscapes: Installations of Lights and Community
by Jonathan Jones

Designing Suburbia On Screen: Parklands & Travelling Light
by Kathryn Millard

Light Moves: Discussion notes: Imaging the City
by Merilyn Fairskye

Selling My Baby: Marketing Independent Film
by Safina Uberoi

Lost City of the Senses
by Alec Morgan

Lost City of the Senses [Presentation]
by Alec Morgan

Sexploits of Authorship
by Tobsha Learner

Immersed in Soft Space: An Interview with Melinda Rackham
by John Potts