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The OFF LABEL Festival / Digital Art Weeks 2011
Victoria BC, Canada, November 2011

by Arthur Clay

Electronic Art Must be Destroyed
by Ian Haig

Book Review: Edward Scheer, The Infinity Machine: Mike Parr's Performance Art 1971-2005 (Melbourne: Schwartz City)
by John Potts

by Megan Hicks

Writing Lives: Revealing Families
by Willa McDonald

Book Review: The Illusion of Life II: More Essays on Animation, edited by Alan Cholodenko (2007, Power Publications)
by Lisa Bode

Determined Indeterminacy A Review of THE THIRD MIND at Le Palais de Tokyo Curated by Ugo Rondinone
by Joseph Nechvatal

Social Interactions on LiveJournal: Fandom Interactivity
by Rachel Chan Suet Kay

Our Digital Noology: Catherine Perret in conversation with Joseph Nechvatal
by Catherine Perret

Media Arts at Venice and Documenta 2007
by John Potts