The Creation of the country and its law

Dreamtime ...[is] altyerre.
Man jump up; walkin ’ around.
Make ’ im place. Leave a bit behind (power) every place.
Power left behind, inside place, inside man, inside thing.
Man dying off, knocked up.
Come big sacred place. Born himself again long that sacred country - jump up.
Sacred ceremony of dreamtime jump up ... born along this ground ... jump up. Sacred authority born in Aboriginal law.
Dead little bit [ie. stays inside ground, but] all still there inside. A piece, might be gone. That thing still alive.

The Creation of human identity and responsibility

We been jump up now ...
Power come through man, right from where born. Mother only finds him in body.
Dreamtime been give we song. Dreamtime been give how to dance.
Somebody been come along, Dreamtime again, and find that one now.
Song bring him full (again).
Power left behind inside place, inside man, inside thing.
Lampretye [ground painting] come out from ground, at sacred place, then jump up on body ... Give him paint. That's yours. Don't go wrong another man's paint, you get killed, different mark.
Dreamtime make we sacred authority, same as bible book.
Arengeye [is the sacred object from father's father, the ancestor].
Thing born along sacred place got power inside.
Born here ground. That yours now; look after him.
Not made by man, but from Dreamtime; got skin on outside and something like gold or nickel on inside.