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Notes on contributors

"Can you think what I feel? Can you feel what I think?": Notes on affect, embodiment and intersubjectivity in AI
Elizabeth A. Wilson

"The Chain of Memory": Distributed Cognition in Early Modern England
Evelyn Tribble

Tangkic Orders of Time: an anthropological approach to time study
Paul Memmott

Body Memory in Muscular Action on Trapeze
Peta Tait

The Dynamic Body Image and the Moving Body: revisiting Schilder's theory for psychological research
Francine Hanley

The Mutation of "Cognition" and the Fracturing of Modernity: cognitive technics, extended mind and cultural crisis
Andrew Murphie

Indexing Audio-Visual Digital Media: the PathScape prototype
Mike Leggett

Seeking self-consistency with integrity: an interdisciplinary approach to the ethics of self and memory
Russell Downham

On the Likely Form of 'Autobiographical Memory' for Aristotle
James William Ley