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Notes on contributors

Body Politics in Post-Soviet Russia
Dmitry Mikhel

This paper examines new cultural practices and modes of organization in post-Soviet Russia.

'It's as plain as the nose on his face': Michael Jackson, modificatory practices, and the question of ethics
Nikki Sullivan

This paper critically engages with the ways in which so-called cosmetic procedures and the subjects who undergoe them are problematized.

Fleshly Impressions: The Work of Paddy Hartley
Paddy Hartley

This series of works by Paddy Hartley explores the notion of impressionable flesh.

The Monster Body of Myra Hindley
Cathy Hawkins

This paper is an attempt to investigate the effects of cultural narratives of monstrosity.

Producing Identity: Elective Amputation and Disability
Harminder Dosanjh Kaur

This paper is concerned with a range of questions surrounding and informing current conceptions of and responses to self-demand amputation.

Queering Performativity: Disability After Deleuze
Margrit Shildrick

This paper sets out to elaborate an alternative framework for rethinking sexual subjectivity, and in particular its relation to notions of 'disability'.

Better dicks through drugs? The penis as a pharmaceutical target
Petra Boynton

This paper makes a critical intervention into the marketing, use, and effects of sex drugs.

Digital memories, analogues of affect
Robert Payne

This paper explores the role of memory in the constitution of identity.

“Pagan Poetry”, Piercing, Pain and the Politics of Becoming
Greg Hainge

This paper provides an account of the role of pain in the process of (un)becoming.

The Christological Imperative: notes towards a speculative re-interpretation of Catholic martyrdom
Daniel Nourry