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Co-Creative Media: Online Multiplayer Computer Game Culture
Sue Morris

This paper examines the texts and practices of first-person shooter (FPS) computer games, and the development of an online multiplayer community that is highly social and self-regulating.

The Experience of Information in Computer Games
Patrick Crogan

This paper considers the experience provided in the First person Shooter as a ludic variant of the logistical tendency to anticipate the future by means of modelling and simulation.

Playing in the Zone: Thirdspace in Jet Set Radio Future and Shenmue II
Brett Nicholls & Simon Ryan

Cybergames are currently the site of more capital investment and more real-time cognitive activity than any other form of mass entertainment, but it does not follow that players automatically become capitalism's drones. This study of specific games argues that they emerge in and through what Edward Soja calls "Thirdspace".

Games, Simulation & Serious Fun: An Interview With Espen Aarseth
Patrick Crogan

Neither gaze nor glance, but glaze: relating to console game screens
Chris Chesher

If cinema audiences relate to the screen as a gaze, and television viewers with a glance, what is the equivalent regime of vision for players of console games? It's not the glance, nor the gaze, but the glaze: immersive, sticky and reflective.