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Andrew Murphie

is Associate Professor of Media within the School of English, Media and Performing Arts at the University of New South Wales. His research interests include contemporary media and social change, and theories of perception/the events of thinking. He is Editor of the Fibreculture Journal Recent publications include: "Performance as the Distribution of Life: from Aeschylus to Chekhov to VJing via Deleuze and Guattari," "Deleuze, Guattari and Neuroscience" and, with Lone Bertelsen, "An Ethics of Everyday Infinities and Powers: Felix Guattari on Affect and the Refrain."

Daniel Wilson

is a PhD candidate at the University of Leeds. His Doctoral work takes the form of practice-based research in composition, and deals specifically with constructions of noise and its relationship with an ontological construction of being. He is currently supervised by Dr Martin Iddon and Dr James Mooney (Universtiy of Leeds) and has also worked with the composers Dr Mic Spencer (University of Leeds) and Dr Scott McLaughlin (University of Huddersfield). His music has been performed both in the UK and the United States.

Tony Mitchell

is a Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney with a long-standing interest in all aspects of popular and 'serious' music, especially global hip-hop, as well as cultural representations of race and ethnicity, film, television, youth subcultures and popular culture. In 2001 Tony edited and compiled the book Global Noise: Rap and Hip Hop outside the USA, and in 2008 (with Shane Homan) Sounds of Then, Sound of Now: Popular Music in Australia. Tony's writings on hip-hop, popular music, film and television have been published widely over the past 20 years.

Celeste Lawson

is a PhD candidate at the Central Queensland University. Celeste had previously served as a police officer in the Queensland Police Service for 14 years. She specialised in crime prevention roles including Neighbourhood Watch, School Based Policing and Officer in Charge of District (and Regional) Crime Prevention Units. She is currently undertaking her PhD in the field of crime prevention and communication.

Stephen Kerry

is an independent scholar whose research interests include genderqueers, intersex and transgendered Australians and the representations of genderqueers in popular culture.

Jacek Kornak

is a PhD candidate in Gender Studies within the Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies at the University of Helsinki, Finland. His doctoral research undertakes a contextualisation of "queer" and its use as an academic and political concept.

Niko Antalffy

is a lecturer in sociology at Macquarie University, Sydney. Her research interests include sociology of science and technology, social theory, epistemology and alternative sexualities and relationships. She is currently working on research into alternative intimate relationship structures, their mainstream representation and is gearing up for a larger empirical study in this area.