Scan is a refereed on-line journal (ISSN 1449-1818) devoted to the media arts and culture, hosted by the Media Department at Macquarie University, Sydney.

Its approach is inter-disciplinary, as is its subject matter. Scan draws on media studies, cultural studies, media law, information and technology studies, fine arts and philosophy. Scan considers developments in new media, digital art, screen arts, music and audio arts, as well as the culture enveloping these practices and technologies.

Scan is concerned with both the aesthetics and the political economy of media arts, as practised in both new and traditional media forms. Scan will be published electronically three times a year. Each issue will be thematic, comprising 6-10 articles, with a maximum word-length of 6,000 words.

Current Issue:

Vol 9 Number 1 June 2012

Reading Between the Panels (Part III)
edited by Steve Collins & Ian Collinson


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Previous Issues:

vol 8 number 1 october 2011
Negotiating the Unacceptable
edited by Sarah Keith, John Scannell, Becky Shepherd

vol 7 number 2 november 2010
Fashion Media
edited by Alex Munt & Susie Khamis

vol 7 number 1 april 2010
Digital Sonimage
edited by John Potts

vol 6 number 3 december 2009
Authorship and the Documentary
edited by Maree Delofski & Virginia Madsen

vol 6 number 2 september 2009
edited by Norie Neumark

vol 6 number 1 june 2009
Reading Between the Panels (Part II)
edited by Steve Collins

vol 5 number 3 december 2008
Biopolitics of the senses: touch, sound and embodied being
edited by Anne Cranny-Francis

vol 5 number 2 september 2008
Reading Between the Panels (Part I)
edited by Steve Collins & Can Yalcinkaya

vol 5 number 1 may 2008
Screenscapes Past Present Future
edited by Chris Chesher, Peter Marks, Kathy Cleland

vol 4 number 3 december 2007
Mobile Media/Public Spaces
edited by John Potts

vol 4 number 2 august 2007
Film as Philosophy
edited by Fiona Jenkins and Robert Sinnerbrink

vol 4 number 1 april 2007
e-Performance: Post-disciplinary contexts and theorisation
edited by Yuji Sone

vol 3 number 3 december 2006
Technological Interventions
edited by Nicole Anderson and Nikki Sullivan

vol 3 number 2 october 2006
Cinematic Scriptwriting
edited by Kathryn Millard

vol 3 number 1 june 2006
News and the Net: Convergences and Divergences
edited by Chris Atton & Graham Meikle

vol 2 number 3 december 2005
Shadows of the Dead: Mediating the Archive Photograph
edited by Peter Doyle & John Potts

vol 2 number 2 september 2005
Memory, Media, and Embodied Cognition
edited by John Sutton

vol 2 number 1 april 2005
"The Glittering Tart": Imaging Sydney
edited by Catherine Simpson & Anthony Lambert

vol 1 number 3 november 2004
BODILY (Trans)Formations
edited by Daniel Nourry & Nikki Sullivan

vol 1 number 2 june 2004
Ghost & Their Machines: Magic, Technology and the Uncanny
edited by John Potts & Edward Scheer

vol 1 number 1 january 2004
Ludic Moments
edited by Patrick Crogan & John Potts