An exhibition exploring text as image    



About Script                                              

This collection is an online version of the exhibition Script, which was displayed at the Macquarie University Art Gallery in May and June 2004. The exhibition had previously shown at Mass Gallery in Melbourne and numerous regional galleries in Victoria.

Curated by artist Angela Cavalieri, Script examines the ways in which text may be reconstituted as image. When text is appropriated by artists, the distinction between reading and viewing becomes blurred. The materiality of individual letters, the visual design of words, are given a prominence denied them when they serve within blocks of text. As Alex Selenitsch notes, in Script “the prevalent slip is between writing and drawing. This is not a distance, but rather a huge liminal zone…”

The works charting this liminal zone are digitised versions of mixed media and installation artworks by Steven Cox, Angela Cavalieri, Alex Selenitsch, George Matoulas, Jan Davis, Craig Wise and Albin Mullner. Production details of the original works are listed under each image.

Script online also includes a short essay by Alex Selenitsch, and a Quicktime version of the video work The ifs of language by Peter Lyssiotis and Michael Karris. This ten minute video presents, according to Michael Karris, “the shattered parts of our language, and gives them another possible meaning by remaking them into images.”


video [requires QuickTime]