jeff herriott & heidi e. johnson

Ground Work

Ground work is a collaboration between video artist Heidi E. Johnson and sound artist Jeff Herriott. Importance has been placed on the equal contribution of both parties. Jeff arranged and manipulated the majority of the sound; Heidi did the same with the visuals. Samples were then passed back and forth, with opportunities for additional input, until a project began to take shape.

Jeff Herriott is an Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater, where he teaches courses in music technology, multimedia, and composition. Jeff primarily composes electroacoustic music, often in combination with acoustic instruments. Heidi E. Johnson is an independent artist living in Madison, WI, who works in photography, dance, video, and multimedia art. Recently, Heidi's works have been presented at several venues around Madison, while her videos have been shown at screenings of Wis-Kino (a group of local independent filmmakers).